Boro Plus Intensive Therapy – Elbow & Knee Cream


Product Description

Softens and brightens dry, rough and darkened skin around elbows and knees.

Between the freezing winter temperatures and dry heat emitting from our radiators, we can't seem to lock in enough moisture. And our elbows take a brutal beating thanks to the dehydrating effects of this season.

When you roll up your sleeves or wear anything that is sleeveless, thick, parched skin is revealed. A specialist cream for elbows and knees from the "Boroplus” range that combines the goodness of medicinal herbs and natural oils along with the advanced science phyto creams. It softens and brightens rough and darkened skin. It’s effective because of unique triple action

3-way action of Boro Plus Intensive Therapy Elbow & Knee Cream

  1. Accelerates skin renewal by exfoliating dead skin cells, and revealing softer new skin - thus relieving itching, feeling of tightness, discomfort and other effects of excessively dry skin.
  2. Lightens the skin and prevents the formation of age spots in problem areas.
  3. Increases the level of moisture in the skin - instantly absorbs and provides long-term protection of the skin from dryness.

This is a special product for those who need specialized care for the delicate skin of the elbows and knees, and are more prone than others to dryness, dehydration, thinning and peeling of the skin. This product is aimed at the effective care of dry thick skin around the elbows and knees.

How it works

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