The science behind healthy skin

Boro Plus combines nature and scientific expertise to keep your skin healthy. Using the principles of Ayurveda, powerful herbs and natural oils are combined to effectively penetrate deep into the skin and protect the skin cells from damage, helping repair and regenerate the cells, giving your skin an improved and naturally healthy appearance from within.

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The skin is approximately 15% of our body weight, covering 12 to 20 square feet. It is made up of 70% water, 25% protein and less than 5% fat. Its primary role is protection. And it holds your body together.

The skin is created in a way that it lubricates itself with oils the body produces to keep itself healthy and resilient. However, in extreme conditions, the skin requires little help to maintain optimum health.

Epidermis, the primary barrier against the outside is less than a millimeter thick. Only the right-sized molecules can get through. It also renews itself every six to eight weeks. Dead cells continually slough off, and new ones emerge from below. Our epidermis largely affects how fresh your skin looks, and how well it absorbs and retains moisture.

Herbally formulated Nature Shield Complex actively provides moisture to replace TEWL (Trans-Epidermal Water Loss due to external conditions) and nutrients to keep the skin collagens healthy and resilient, making the skin soft, supple and strong.